The G Family!

There are few things in this world I love more than repeat clients…  def in the top five.  These guys are not only repeat clients – Mom, K, is also a great at referring me to new customers!  Did you know that if you refer me to five new clients who book a shoot – you yourself earn a FREE SHOOT?  Yeah, not a penny.  Yeah it’s that easy!  Just tell them to make sure they mention your name in the email/phone call etc… and after five – you get almost any type of shoot on me (weddings and events not included)!  Make sure to “Like” Holly Haddad Photography so your friends can easily pass it on!  That being said… enjoy the photos of the G Family and don’t forget to book those Holiday Shoots!  It IS September after all!

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The McSharry Family!

I am a photography ma-chine!  lol  I really cannot believe how busy I am!  But, loving every minute of it!  Today I have some fabulous photos of the sweet McSharry family, friends of a co-worker.  Two boys under five and a lil ten month old girl, yowza!  But we had a great session and I have the photos to prove it!  This first one is a favorite, lol, love the “faces” on the boys!  Enjoy!

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Alex, Ben, & Ryan!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot two beautiful families… well children of families.  Oddly enough, one set was three boys and the other, three girls!  Also neighbors and of approximately the same ages!  Weird, right?  LOL but all of the children are lil cutie pies!  Though I do have to admit… middle children are oh so… precious, lol.  So here’s the first set of the three brothers!  Enjoy!

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