Alex, Ben, & Ryan!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot two beautiful families… well children of families.  Oddly enough, one set was three boys and the other, three girls!  Also neighbors and of approximately the same ages!  Weird, right?  LOL but all of the children are lil cutie pies!  Though I do have to admit… middle children are oh so… precious, lol.  So here’s the first set of the three brothers!  Enjoy!

Oldest brother, Alex!  And watch out first graders… he’s gonna be quite the lil looker!

Next here’s crazy lil Ben!

Love these next two…

And now for the newest brother… Ryan!

All three now!

And last but not least… Jake!

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for the ladies shoot next!

3 thoughts on “Alex, Ben, & Ryan!

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