Meet Alida, Chris… and Austin!

Welcome back!  I have some pretty awesome engagement photos for you!
Alida, Chris, and I met at Colt State Park for a lil engagement session… with special guest Austin (Chris’s son).  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time!  Looking forward to Alida and Chris’s wedding in October!

LOL – this next one is one of my favorites!

And lastly my ultimate fav from the session…

Thanks for looking! 

6 thoughts on “Meet Alida, Chris… and Austin!

  1. Thanks Holly! So fun to look at. I was really glad we had Ausitn there for the day. The pictures look great. i am excited for the wedding.


  2. Great pics!
    Holly is an awesome/fun Photographer
    I am sure your wedding pics will be just as pretty with my beautiful niece and nephew – to – be!
    So happy for you guys looking forward to your wedding day.
    Love you.
    Auntie Kathy XO


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