Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Yesterday we attended Reya’s fourth birthday… princess style!  The Elmo run has finally broken and now we have upgraded to Disney Princess!  hehe  It is always fun to spend an afternoon with family and friends and celebrate.  You would not believe the incredibly vocal “OHHHH”s and “AHHHH”s!  Along with the typical silliness that always ensues.  Thanks for inviting us Reya… you make a beautiful princess!

The birthday girl with Mom and lil bro Harrison!

Ok, at first I was gonna trash this and thank Julie for ruining it. BUT then I noticed lil Harrison pointing at the beer can... and now I find it slightly humorous.

Ohhh Harrison… those Baby Blues are going to be heart-breakers…

How do you spell Harrison?  H – A – M…

So freaking cute!

I always love it when I look at a photo and the first thing that runs through my head is a quote from my favorite movie... "Do we look like the two biggest idiots in the world to you???"

Birthday Girl and her Daddy…

Thanks for looking and Happy Birthday Reya!

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