Dog Fest for Mass Vest a Dog – 2011!

Welcome back!
And boy are you in for a treat!
Here are the photos from this year’s Dog Fest for Mass Vest a Dog!

So – in order to further help the cause – if you were an attendee and there is a photo(s) of yourself or your doggie that you would like to have without the HHP watermark for you to print (Holiday cards or gifts??) and keep, please click here and donate $5 to the Mass Vest a Dog cause.  Then, send an email  with the number of the photo (mouse over to see numbers) to and I will email you your file(s) asap! 

I love doing this event and capturing the dogs and owners candidly as it truly shows how much we love these four-legged creatures… and visa versa!
Last year’s photos can be found here as well! 

Thanks so much and enjoy!

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Alex, Ben, & Ryan… Round 2!

Is there really such thing as too much snow?  Nah – we are New Englanders!  Suck it up people!  Enjoy the snow for all of it’s pure beauty!  (yes, I do have to shovel and drive in it as well, but take it in stride!)

Anyways!  Ladies and Gents we have a repeat costumer!  YAY!  Many thanks to Kristen and allowing me to come back and get some more fabulous photos of her trio of adorable boys!  And I really have to give it up to her, what an amazing job she does staying cool, calm, and collected, baby on hip, no matter how loud or how crazy things are around her!  I admire that!  So here are the boys, with emphasis on the lil guy…  enjoy!

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Christmas Girlies!

So I’m not sure if I have mentioned in the past that I work with some pretty awesome people???  If not – let me reiterate – not only are they pretty awesome they also have some wicked cute off-spring.  All three of these lil girls have been on the blog before and I have a feeling they will continue making my blog look beautiful!  Enough chatter!  Drumroll please…  here’s lil Emma and Camryn & Caelin!  Enjoy!!!

oh – and p.s. – this is a lite version of this session as some can’t be published yet as they are going to be used for Holiday Cards! : (    : )

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Dog Fest for Mass Vest a Dog!

Last weekend Bob White of Stay and Play Dog Daycare in East Bridgewater, MA had his annual “Dog Fest” in honor of the “Vest-a-Dog” program to fit police dogs with protective vests out in the field.  It was an overcast day but there was no trace of this on the owners and doggie’s faces who attended the event!  So many dogs!  It is a great cause and many came out to support this “first line of defense” for those who protect and serve each and every day.  Here is an article in the Boston Herald and a link to the Mass Vest-a-Dog program.  I highly recommend visiting the site and supporting these awesome canines!

If you would like any of these photos unwatermarked please make a small donation to the Mass Vest-a-Dog program and email me at and I will get them out to you ASAP!

There are a ton of photos so I will post my favorites and the rest can be viewed here!

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Congrats Keith & Charli!

Mental note – mid-October is b.e.a.utiful!  Quick location change brought the Rahe clan out to Colt State Park for some engagement photos.  Keith and Charli are getting married out in Iowa next month!  We took a drive out to Bristol on a VERY windy autumn day with lil Rossilyn, crazy Tyson, AND my sister Heather who helped watch the… non-adults in between shots.  You guys were awesome!  Enjoy!

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