Dog Fest for Mass Vest a Dog!

Last weekend Bob White of Stay and Play Dog Daycare in East Bridgewater, MA had his annual “Dog Fest” in honor of the “Vest-a-Dog” program to fit police dogs with protective vests out in the field.  It was an overcast day but there was no trace of this on the owners and doggie’s faces who attended the event!  So many dogs!  It is a great cause and many came out to support this “first line of defense” for those who protect and serve each and every day.  Here is an article in the Boston Herald and a link to the Mass Vest-a-Dog program.  I highly recommend visiting the site and supporting these awesome canines!

If you would like any of these photos unwatermarked please make a small donation to the Mass Vest-a-Dog program and email me at and I will get them out to you ASAP!

There are a ton of photos so I will post my favorites and the rest can be viewed here!

Here are some shots of the demonstrations…

Bob White, owner of Stay and Play addressing the crowd!  Thanks for hosting Bob!

A few from some of the doggy games… sit and stay contests.

Ok there are about 75 candids of beautiful dogs, but I can’t post them all, so for all of them please visit this link!

LOL, ok so here i’ll insert a mini-series… lil Boxer pup thought he could take on the big ol’ Sheppard…

Lastly, my dog and my boy… love them!

Thanks so much for looking and again, support the Mass Chapter of Vest-a -Dog!

2 thoughts on “Dog Fest for Mass Vest a Dog!

  1. Helly Holly. I was a spectator at the Vest a Dog festivities and I see a picture of me with my two dogs posted here. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind emailing me a copy that I could print and post on my own sites?
    You took some GREAT shots. I love the Pomeranian (my pictures is right about that one) and the weimaraner standing up with paws on his Momma.


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