The Naylor Family!

Welcome back!  Hope your Halloweens were fabulous!  The Patriots won so mine was grand!  LOL

These photos are from a shoot I did of a colleague and her family.  Elizabeth is a survivor.  She kicks some serious a**.  I’m not going to get into too much detail but about a year ago Elizabeth was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma – yikes.  BUT being the amazing woman she is, she fought back and is now back in Hull and enjoying life!  Here is a link to Elizabeth’s blog, Cancer Gave Me 2 Birthdays.  Please visit and indulge yourself in her positive, take no prisoners attitude, it’ll make your day.  The afternoon of the photo shoot was chilly and windy!  Especially out in east bum… aka Hull.  But we tried the beach for a bit then moved indoors as lil Grace was not really enjoying the bitter wind.  I guess I should have called this post, The One Million Faces of Grace…  she is quite the lil ham!  Ok, enough babbling… check out Elizabeth’s blog and enjoy the photos!!!

Once again thanks for looking!

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