Congrats Colleen & Brian!

First wedding of the Season here!

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Anyhow – a big congratulations to Colleen and Brian on their beautiful wedding a few weeks ago.  This date holds a special place for me, as April 16th was also my wedding date!  Oddly enough, Colleen and Brian had the EXACT kind of day it was a year ago!  Cold, cloudy, windy, and later on?  Rain.  But so far it’s been lucky for me, and hopefully lucky for Colleen and Brian too!  What a fun wedding!  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were awesome and their support for this beautiful couple was amazing!  And what a fun wedding!  The guests tore up the dance floor!  What a great group of family and friends that came out to support the bride and groom.  So without further adieu here are the lovely Colleen and Brian!

Brian surprised Colleen with a shiny Rolls Royce getaway car!  Yum!

Ok so then how do you get on my good side real quick?  Love your dog like it’s a real child.  And these two fit the bill!  We made a quick stop at their house to get a few shots with… Tater Tot!  Can you even stand it?!  And a bulldog… with a tuxedo!  So flipping cute!

few detail shots at the reception…

and then on to the dancing!

and lastly… one of my favs from the day!

Thanks for looking and congrats again Brian and Colleen!!!

6 thoughts on “Congrats Colleen & Brian!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Gorgeous pics, beautiful wedding, gorgeous bride/groom! Great Job Holls.. Oh and dad, you look like you are busting a move. lol :)


  2. Beautiful pictures Holly, I am Colleen’s hairdresser, I would love to post a pic on the salon site of all the girls if you have a nice one showcasing their updo’s! I have a site for Jazzi Nails and Hair Salon on FB if you can send one on there,


  3. Holly…these pics are beautiful! Brian is the gym teacher at Elyssas school…it was great to see the wedding pics. You do a great job! Love the pics with Tater Tot also :)


  4. Holly, the pictures are amazing. Every day I checked to see what you had posted. You captured the laughter, joy and “special” pictures that brought tears to my eyes. Can’t wait to see them all. Kudos, from the mother of the bride.


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