Hello there! Wow it has been a very long time since I’ve been here. Life. It’s lively and time consuming! LOL So I’m just here to share a few photos from the past year or two. These have been the lightest years in terms of work since HHP’s inception back in 2009! Scary, but here we are, surviving! So here’s a small recap of 2020 and 2021.

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Here’s to hoping I am a little more productive in the blogging/internet world in 2022! I’m excited!

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Almost Mr and Mrs… A Narragansett Beach Engagement Shoot!

Welcome back!  Did everyone survive the glorious heat this weekend?  LOVE summer.  HATE winter, therefore I will rarely complain about the heat, but can totally do without the humidity.  Speaking of summer – check out this fantastic engagement shoot!  And … Continue reading

Almost Mr & Mrs… meet Liz and Jason!

Hi!  Meet Liz and Jason!  What fun it is when you meet new people and they are awesome – and good looking to boot!  Liz’s smile is downright infectious!   Liz and Jason brought along their sweet pup Annie for a few photos as well and she was so cute… and a sucker for cheese, Provolone to be exact.  LOL
Annnyhow – enjoy this awesome engagement session taken at Nut Island in Quincy – what a spot!  Gorgeous views of the city!


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Almost Mr and Mrs… Nick & Missy! A Boston Harborwalk Engagement Session!

Hi friends!
Yay for the return of the sun!  I feel like summer is so short I have to wring the life out of every single day!  Savor every drop!  Anyhow, Missy, Nick and myself had a fantastic day out in Boston a few weeks ago.  Not a cloud, it was gorgeous.  These two will be getting married next May and I am way too excited about it!  Doubly so after I met Missy and Nick!  The Harborwalk was gorgeous and I’m so happy these two love birds chose me to capture these special times!  : P

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Meet Lauren & Chris! A Downtown Providence Engagement Session!

Hi guys!  Happy New Year!  LOL  Whoops.  Blog gets a little lonely in the off season… it’s okay, I think we’re still friends.  And honestly, how can we not be with this gorgeous couple and their snowy Providence engagement shoot?! … Continue reading

Almost Mr & Mrs! Meet Jackie & Ryan!

Welcome back!  I can’t believe next week is already Thanksgiving!  Crazy!  Will it ever stop blowing my mind about how quickly time seems to pass???  Hopefully this just means it’ll be summer again before I know it.  : P

Even before the summer will be the wedding of Jackie and Ryan!  These two love birds will be my first wedding of 2015 and I am so excited!  Jackie is a great, long-time friend of my fab sister in law and was my teammate at good ol’ SHS on the field hockey field!  Glory days!!  Anyhow, I was tickled pink when she emailed me about shooting her wedding and I know it’s going to be a super day.  For their engagement shoot we visited the Nashoba Valley Winery and shot a bit inside and out.  Who knew November could be so beautiful?  With our gorgeous bride to be and her smitten groom, the views were spectacular!  So without further adieu… meet Jackie and Ryan!

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Almost Mr & Mrs… Meet Walter and Ashley!

Hi guys!  Welcome back!  It’s almost the weekend yay!
Here is a recent session of two spectacular people… well four!  Walter and Ashley are getting married this month and we spent some time in Boston for their engagement photos!  As you will notice, they are big hockey… Bruins fans!  They are also good friends of ours and Walter is my fabulous personal trainer!  He’s who I get to thank for being able to be on my feet for hours on end during weddings and how I’m able to keep up with a crazy two year old!  Speaking of which, the two adorable little munchkins are their super cute off-spring!  I am so excited to shoot this wedding at the end of the month!  Thanks so much for having me guys!

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Almost Mr and Mrs… Meet Elizabeth & Jacob!

Hello Friends!
Happy almost weekend!
Today I bring you Elizabeth and Jacob who will be married in a little over a week!  WOW!  I am so excited to be shooting them especially after our fabulous engagement shoot!  Be sure to Like Holly Haddad Photography on Facebook so as not to miss any awesome teasers of this gorgeous couple!

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Almost Mr and Mrs… Meet Kheley & Kyle!

Welcome back friends!
Meet Kheley and Kyle!  They are getting married later this summer and we just shot their engagement photos down in Newport!  We had a classic early summer day that just sparkled (corny yes, but the day really was a stunner, esp with 2014’s weather track record)!  Speaking of stunning, I swear these two were going to melt my lenses!  Ow Oww!  We had a great time and I’m def looking forward to their big day in August!

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