Almost Mr and Mrs… A Narragansett Beach Engagement Shoot!

Welcome back!  Did everyone survive the glorious heat this weekend?  LOVE summer.  HATE winter, therefore I will rarely complain about the heat, but can totally do without the humidity.  Speaking of summer – check out this fantastic engagement shoot!  And … Continue reading

Almost Mr & Mrs… meet Liz and Jason!

Hi!  Meet Liz and Jason!  What fun it is when you meet new people and they are awesome – and good looking to boot!  Liz’s smile is downright infectious!   Liz and Jason brought along their sweet pup Annie for a few photos as well and she was so cute… and a sucker for cheese, Provolone to be exact.  LOL
Annnyhow – enjoy this awesome engagement session taken at Nut Island in Quincy – what a spot!  Gorgeous views of the city!


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Almost Mr and Mrs… Meet Sara and Kyle!

Welcome back… again!  Wow!  I’m playing this game today called catch up and it is OH SO AMAZING!  Two blog posts, four disks, and a slew of emails – CHECKAROO!  Annnd just like that I jinxed myself and can hear a tiny little voice calling for her dog upstairs. LOL  If only Shelby could get you out of the crib…
Anyhow – meet Sara and Kyle!  They are getting married next spring and were a blast to shoot with!  And they brought Rosco along for a few shots as well!  We shot down at Roger Williams Park and I LOVED the late sunlight!  Swoon for some lens flare!  I’ll stop babbling (in my head as I’m clearly not saying this aloud LOL) and let you enjoy the love!

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Congrats Mike & Tiffany!

Welcome back!
By this time next year these two love birds will be husband and wife!  Eek!  Meet Mike and Tiffany!  Mike is a cousin of mine and Tiffany is his hot fiance.  hehe  We had a few trip ups trying to find a location but were over joyed when we arrived at Dame Farm and Orchard in Johnston, RI.  What a super photogenic place!  We were aiming for an apple orchard but loved the fact that there were also rows of corn and pumpkins!  What a great place for a photo shoot!
Here are some images from Mike and Tiffany’s engagement shoot… enjoy!

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