Congrats Amanda & Dave! A Roger Williams Botanical Gardens and Chapel Grille Wedding

Welcome back!  Busy season is in effect! So excited to post Amanda and Dave’s awesome wedding!  The ceremony took place at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens… which was my first time there and was gorgeous!  Thankfully it wasn’t a super … Continue reading

Congrats Mike and Tiffany! A Providence Biltmore Wedding!

Hey hey wedding season is rocking!  This fall was crazy, but crazy awesome!  This is my second to last 2014 wedding and it was A-MAZ-ING!  Mike is my cousin so I was so excited to shoot this wedding!  I had Kate Guillette with me to second and I think we about nailed it.  We started the day with the bride and groom getting ready then moved onto the always gorgeous Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul.  Thankfully while we were in church the rain let up and the sun actually came out during the formals!  We hit up Roger Williams and Prospect Park and our timing was great at both!  The foliage at Roger Williams was outstanding and the sun peaked through while at Prospect Park.  PERFECT!    We also worked with Mike Picard of Mike Picard Motion Pictures to capture this beautiful day and a former student (yes, how old am I?!), Aimee Bacon, made the gorgeous cake.  We finished up our day at the Biltmore for a stellar reception with an unbelievable amount of dancing!  Jon Berube coming in huge for non stop action on the dance floor, and, being the groom’s cousin, I most defiantly got my butt out there and busted a move with the best of them (yes mostly with camera in hand, it’s an addiction).  All in all it was an amazing day and I wish Tiffany and Mike the best of luck!

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Almost Mr and Mrs… Meet Sara and Kyle!

Welcome back… again!  Wow!  I’m playing this game today called catch up and it is OH SO AMAZING!  Two blog posts, four disks, and a slew of emails – CHECKAROO!  Annnd just like that I jinxed myself and can hear a tiny little voice calling for her dog upstairs. LOL  If only Shelby could get you out of the crib…
Anyhow – meet Sara and Kyle!  They are getting married next spring and were a blast to shoot with!  And they brought Rosco along for a few shots as well!  We shot down at Roger Williams Park and I LOVED the late sunlight!  Swoon for some lens flare!  I’ll stop babbling (in my head as I’m clearly not saying this aloud LOL) and let you enjoy the love!

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