Congrats Amanda & Dave! A Roger Williams Botanical Gardens and Chapel Grille Wedding

Welcome back!  Busy season is in effect!

So excited to post Amanda and Dave’s awesome wedding!  The ceremony took place at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens… which was my first time there and was gorgeous!  Thankfully it wasn’t a super hot day.  The ceremony was beautiful followed by formals around the grounds and then in the park.  Again, a perfect day for an outdoor wedding.   So many awesome photo opportunities.  The reception was held at the Chapel Grille in Cranston and was also awesome!  The room looked beautiful (Golden Gate Studios did some amazing work on the flowers) and was perfectly prepared (the sangria was also top notch!).  By the time the formalities were over guests were ready to party and took over the dance floor!  What a fun group of guests!
Hope you enjoy!

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