Happy Birthday Daisy!

I’m getting a lil nervous, I keep seeing the sky get less dark and I’m nervous the end is near…  hahaha THE SUUUUN!  Yessah!

Speaking of sunshine, lil Miss Daisy here is quite a ray of sunshine herself!  At first she was a lil shy but slowly she came around and gave me some big smiles!  Daisy very recently turned one and wanted nothing to do with her giant cupcake at the her party.  LOL – so mom suggested round two… and it worked!  She totally got into it and made a ridiculous mess, cake flying, smooshed, and everything but eaten!  What a cutie pie and what a fabulous dress she had on!  Thanks so much for letting me photograph your lil ray of sunshine!  She’s awesome!  Enjoy!

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Congrats Colleen & Brian!

First wedding of the Season here!

Welcome back!  I expect to be posting quite a bit in the next few months!  Click on the subscribe button (in the footer) to get the updates hot off the press… er internet???

Anyhow – a big congratulations to Colleen and Brian on their beautiful wedding a few weeks ago.  This date holds a special place for me, as April 16th was also my wedding date!  Oddly enough, Colleen and Brian had the EXACT kind of day it was a year ago!  Cold, cloudy, windy, and later on?  Rain.  But so far it’s been lucky for me, and hopefully lucky for Colleen and Brian too!  What a fun wedding!  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were awesome and their support for this beautiful couple was amazing!  And what a fun wedding!  The guests tore up the dance floor!  What a great group of family and friends that came out to support the bride and groom.  So without further adieu here are the lovely Colleen and Brian!

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Third Times the Charm with Miss Cameron!

Welcome back!  Come on April – please bring warm sunshine and green grass!  I’m homesick for summer!  In the meantime I’ll just keep snapping and editing photos of all these cute lil babies and families I have lined up!  So let’s start with lil Cameron.  Took three trips out to her house but we made it happen… boy did we make it happen!  With such a cute face and so many flipping cute expressions I ended up with tons of awesome photos!  So here is a small number of the awesome photos of Miss Cameron!  Enjoy!

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White’s of Westport/Fun 107 Bridal Expo!

Well here is a post a few months in the making!  I finally finished the third round of the White’s of Westport Bridal Expo photos!  You may have already seen the Salon Serenity photos and the fashion show photos with the amazing models from The Beauty Within Model Management, so here are the detail shots!  YUM!

(yup, i lied… THIS will be the last post with the old logo!  got the final one in today and couldn’t be more excited!)

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Congrats Stephanie & Neil!

My last wedding of the 2010 season was for Stephanie and Neil at Independence Harbor in Assonet and it was festive!  I.H. was decorated for the holidays and made for a beautiful setting.  It was a cold November day and the ceremony was in the early evening.  Everything was gorgeous including the bride and groom – wow.  The vineyard theme was elegant, the speeches and toasts were light and heartfelt, and crowd was full of dancing machines!  So enjoy these photos and have a great holiday!  Congrats Stephanie and Neil!

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Brianna & Brandon!

Welcome back!  I have a fair shake of editing to do but was anxious to get Brianna and Brandon’s shoot done!  Brianna has perfected the pout at age 20 months.  Good luck mom and dad.  Anyways… Brandon was awesome and very grown up for his five years.  It was a slightly chilly day but we were glad the sun made an appearance and helped add some awesome autumn sunshine to the photos!  Oh and they are big Patriots fans… as you maybe able to tell from the photos!  Enjoy!

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Congrats Stacey & Kevin!

The last weekend of the summer turned out phenomenal for Stacey and Kevin’s wedding.  I don’t think the sky could get any bluer.  Those of you getting married in the future this is the type of day you want to request for your big day!  Colt State Park in Bristol, RI was the ceremony location and the reception was at the Venus de Milo.  In additional to the awesome weather, Stacey and Kevin were surrounded by an awesome group of family and friends!  Oh and you are not seeing double… I did steal one of Stacey and Kevin’s photos for my blog’s header photo!  So glad I was able to photograph your fun day!

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Congrats Tammy & Henry!

Hello again!  A couple of weeks ago, Tammy and Henry (aka Muffin) got hitched!  It was beautiful!  Besides the bride being a teeny bit behind schedule and her claims of being a “hot mess” she was definitely beautiful and so in love with her Henry.  I can honestly say I didn’t cry at my own wedding, but when Tammy came down the aisle and Henry eyes were watering… wow.  After getting ready at the Holiday Inn Rockland, we were off to the Monponsett Inn in Halifax for the wedding and reception.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were fabulous and it was very apparent that they were the perfect group of people to stand behind this awesome couple.  I also had a second shooter for this one so there may be an update with more shots!

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Camryn & Caelin – Happy Almost First Birthday!

Happy beautiful weekend!  Here are some photos I took last week of friend of mine’s lil one year old twin girls!  They are so cute and so different!  LOL regardless – I cannot keep them straight!  Especially after one goes and does a hair color change a few months after birth!  What?!  lol… enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Happy Birthday Miss Reya!

Yesterday we attended Reya’s fourth birthday… princess style!  The Elmo run has finally broken and now we have upgraded to Disney Princess!  hehe  It is always fun to spend an afternoon with family and friends and celebrate.  You would not believe the incredibly vocal “OHHHH”s and “AHHHH”s!  Along with the typical silliness that always ensues.  Thanks for inviting us Reya… you make a beautiful princess!

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