Congrats Tammy & Henry!

Hello again!  A couple of weeks ago, Tammy and Henry (aka Muffin) got hitched!  It was beautiful!  Besides the bride being a teeny bit behind schedule and her claims of being a “hot mess” she was definitely beautiful and so in love with her Henry.  I can honestly say I didn’t cry at my own wedding, but when Tammy came down the aisle and Henry eyes were watering… wow.  After getting ready at the Holiday Inn Rockland, we were off to the Monponsett Inn in Halifax for the wedding and reception.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were fabulous and it was very apparent that they were the perfect group of people to stand behind this awesome couple.  I also had a second shooter for this one so there may be an update with more shots!

OMG yes i totally forgot… Tammy teaches gymnastics (as if you can’t tell by her jacked arms!) and her lil gymnasts were invited… well her co-teacher, Alison, decided to help the girls choreograph the dance from YouTube and The Office and they did it for Tammy and Henry during the reception!  It was soooo awesome!  Here are the girls and the lovely couple!

There was also one male gymnast who totally rocked the dance floor!

Ok so Henry’s beautiful sister I find out has two children… ages 21 and 18 say WHAT?!  i was absolutely flabbergasted by this!  They have been happily married for over twenty years and were SO sweet! <3

Thanks for looking!

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did being there!  Check back in a week or so for an updated post!

Congrats Tammy & Henry!!!

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