My First Advertisement…

Wow, ok so I’ll be working at the Venus de Milo on Sunday, February 21st for their first annual bridal show!  Woo!

I had to order new business cards with the new last name (EEEEEE!) and make a flyer for the door bags…

drum roll please…


Thanks to the lovely ladies and couples that allowed me to use their images in my advertising!

Lets keep our fingers crossed that 2010/2011 is a busy time for HHP!



Where does the time go???

Hello All…

Seems to have been so long since I’ve posted!  The “Big Day” countdown in at an all time low, lol…  only 79 wee little days left!  Things are coming together and it’s getting exciting!

Also thanks to all who have voted for my photo of Amy G/E!  BUT WAIT!  LOL there’s still over 45 days left to the contest so PLEASE bookmark and revisit!  (TIA!)

As far as photography goes…  it’s not so pretty outside in New England at this time of year, so…  I’ll be taking some shots tonight at the Boy’s soccer game… I miss my track athletes and taking their fun action shots!  For now, here are a few of us b-e-a-utiful sisters!

In no particular order...

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Tis the Season – updated!

Yay for the holidays!

Sneaking up on us AGAIN!  Amazing how every year it seems to surprise everyone in New England when the first snow falls and when mid-December hits…  You’d think it was something new…  Anyways, heres to a great end to 2009!  Here are a few photos from our slowly-being-decorated house…  lol, there should be a few more photos up after this weekend!  Thanks!

Our First Tree!

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I do have some new photos… though they are lost (for now) on my laptop…

So a little over four years ago I shelled out some loot and bought a pretty silver Sony Vaio.  A hard drive, three dvd burners, 3 batteries and numberous chargers later (all under warranty), it’s dead.  There hasn’t been a death certificate yet as I’m waiting on the boy’s Vaio to see if it’s just my charger (it only works plugged in)…

I guess after four years, I can say we had a good run, but I’m still hoping for a resurrection this weekend…  ::sigh::



LOL, for anyone who cares… I got a brand new Sony Vaio that kicks some SERIOUS tail!

Blu-Ray player… 1080p screen… 6 gigs of RAM…  350 gigs of storage… MWHAHAHA