I do have some new photos… though they are lost (for now) on my laptop…

So a little over four years ago I shelled out some loot and bought a pretty silver Sony Vaio.  A hard drive, three dvd burners, 3 batteries and numberous chargers later (all under warranty), it’s dead.  There hasn’t been a death certificate yet as I’m waiting on the boy’s Vaio to see if it’s just my charger (it only works plugged in)…

I guess after four years, I can say we had a good run, but I’m still hoping for a resurrection this weekend…  ::sigh::



LOL, for anyone who cares… I got a brand new Sony Vaio that kicks some SERIOUS tail!

Blu-Ray player… 1080p screen… 6 gigs of RAM…  350 gigs of storage… MWHAHAHA

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