Where does the time go???

Hello All…

Seems to have been so long since I’ve posted!  The “Big Day” countdown in at an all time low, lol…  only 79 wee little days left!  Things are coming together and it’s getting exciting!

Also thanks to all who have voted for my photo of Amy G/E!  BUT WAIT!  LOL there’s still over 45 days left to the contest so PLEASE bookmark and revisit!  (TIA!)

As far as photography goes…  it’s not so pretty outside in New England at this time of year, so…  I’ll be taking some shots tonight at the Boy’s soccer game… I miss my track athletes and taking their fun action shots!  For now, here are a few of us b-e-a-utiful sisters!

In no particular order...

Middle Child #1

Middle Child #2

All together now...

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