Welcome back… again… Mia, Lucia, & Olivia!

Hey two posts one day!  Check that!

I have been editing this session for days, why  may you ask?  Oh just cuz these are three of the cutest little girls ever.  No joke!  I had so many great photos!  Plus the older girls love having their photos taken and are full of expression!  I’m positive Olivia will be following in their footsteps before we know it!  This was my third shoot with these cuties (Shoot OneShoot Two)!  Let’s hear it for repeat customers!  Thanks Jen and Paul!  You guys rock and have three awesome little girls who always look super cute!  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Oh and this first photo here?  Most likely one of  my favorite photos ever.  Thanks Paul for not cutting the grass  : )

First up… lil Olivia!  She LOVED eating the grass… dandelions, not so much.

Next… Lucia – who was on her best behavior… or close to…  hehe

I couldn’t decide which of these I liked more… like, literally, flipped back and forth for at least 5 minutes.  So both win.

And then there’s big sis Mia, getting super tall and being an awesome big sister!

LOL – this one makes me laugh as Mia can only be described as Fierce while Lucia is CLEARLY worried about her competition!

And lastly?  My fav obv!  And how can it not be?  What a beautiful group of girls you have Paul!

thanks for looking… again!!

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