Welcome Giada!

Hey two posts in two days!  Awesome!  And there will most likely be at least one more post this week! HH is a busy girl!

Little Giada is the daughter of one of my co-workers and she is the cutest little peanut!  SO precious!  Except maybe for the fact she didn’t sleep a wink at thirteen days old for two hours while I was there.  Awesome – lol, but we did get some great shots in!  I’m so happy for Kristen and Adam and their lil pink bundle of joy!  Oh and you see that fabulous logo?  Yup that’s Giada’s uncle Ryan’s talented work!  Love it!

Hopefully these cute photos put a smile on this dreary week (is this New England or Seattle?  seriously)


and lastly my fav…

she’s beautiful guys!

and thanks for looking!

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