Welcome Evan!

Hi!  Happy Hump Day!  It’s almost the weekend!!!  Yay!

I’d like to introduce baby Evan!  He was born to one of my very best friends in the whole wide world!  We have already decided that there will be an arranged marriage of Evan to an older lady, Elise, and Evan’s mom and I will REALLY be family!  haha  BUT if that did happen, and then they had kids, those kids would have something silly like 7 different nationalities!  Whaaaat?!  Crazy!  Anyhow, Evan is super cute and I know that his mom and I will have a lot of fun with his photo shoots… as we did with this one!  So don’t let me delay the cuteness!


Doing his best dinosaur already!

Love these..

Big huge, happy, sloppy congrats to the proud parents!  Love you guys!!!
As always, thanks for looking!

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