Congrats Matt & Dawn!

Hello!  One for one with blog posts this week!  Will it continue?  (I dunno will Miss El keep taking awesome naps? Let’s hope so!)
Anyhow – meet Dawn and Matt!  Dawn is one of my spectacular co-workers and her wedding was in May up in Jackson, NH!  I miss how beautiful those mountains can be!  Mr HHP came up with me to be my assistant and together we captured a  super sweet ceremony followed by a flipping rocking reception!  I’m so happy Dawn asked me to photograph her wedding!  Congrats Dawn and Matt you guys are awesome!

The ultra-handsome groom, Matt!

And the soon to be Mrs…

…oh and her rocking shoes.

Let’s get hitched!

So what do you do when you are a photographer and just as you are prepping the bride and groom on how to pose for their very romantic middle of the street with the majestic mountains in the background shot, when here comes ’round the corner a vintage Model A Coupe (complete with matching wedding colors)?  Oh, duh, you jump in front of them and beg them to let you photograph their car, with the newlyweds, and when they comply, you die from happiness and the creative wheels ramp up!  Big thanks to JD and Sue for generously offering us a part of their Sunday cruise!  <3 <3

How about some awesome details?

Let the party begin!

Um… and then the reception got crazy… real quick.

And how ’bout a lil love for Mr HHP and one of his shots making the blog!  <3

And lastly one of my fav’s…

Thanks so much for looking and big huge congrats to Matt and Dawn!  You two are spectacular for each other!!!

Have a great, and safe, holiday everyone!

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