Congrats Jim & Liz!

Welcome back on this stormy Monday!  I absolutely love thunderstorms… though I can honestly say, Shelby (our Olde English Bulldogge) is the total opposite.  She even snuggled up to Elise for comfort… though I’m not sure how much Elise could actually protect Shelby…  Anyhow…
At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to photograph Liz and Jim’s Linden Place Wedding.  How beautiful!  This was my first event at Linden Place so early in the summer and the roses were amazing!  What a beautiful evening!  Jim and Liz are so lucky to have a great group of friends and family!  The trio of flower girls was a lil out of control on the cuteness scale.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Jeff & Jen Are Getting Married!

Hi there and welcome back!  Since I’m a teacher and it is September blogs will unfortunately be a little less frequent but don’t stop checking!  Remember, you can also subscribe to my blog and get email alerts where there are some brand spanking new photos to check out!  I’m also on Facebook as Holly Haddad Photography!  Thanks!

Anyways, these photos I post are great, yet I feel a smidge of remorse.  Jeff, Jen, and I were supposed to go to Newport to get some fabulous engagement photos BUT the only consecutive days of rain all summer occurred during our scheduled photo shoot.  Typically, this would require a re-schedule but Jeff and Jen were relocating to Cali the following day!  Poo!  Regardless, my cousin Jeff and his beautiful fiance, Jen still took some amazing photos!   See Jeff and Jen met because they are both members of the Air Force and worked and toured together for the Air Force’s “Tops in Blue.”  Tops in Blue consists of a group of extremely talented men and woman who have earned a spot to travel the world and entertain our troops.  I was fortunate to see them perform in Plymouth, MA last year and it was fabulous!  I’m so happy for Jeff and Jen and wish them nothing but the best with their move and their life together!

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