Introducing lil Miss Emma Grace!

Welcome to the world Emma!  Wow, what a little cutie… and do I mean little!  Emma was born a wee bit early and is now a small yet rambunctious two month old.  She truly would not stop moving.  Well, except for when she was sleeping… but even then she’d flail her lil arms out like she was offering hugs to us!  I have tons of great shots of this little expressive peanut.  Emma is incredibly precious and her mommy and daddy should be so proud to have her!  Special thanks to AL for her help!  Here are some of my favorite from our shoot last week…

Hugs Please!

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Introducing Baby Braeden!

Hope everyone had a great fourth!  What a beautiful weekend we had here in New England!

Last week I had opportunity to visit lil Braeden!  Three weeks old and such a good lil boy.  I got to travel to Hull… hmmm, interesting is all I have to say.  Hopefully will be going back by the end of the summer for another Hull native!  Here’s my favorites from the shoot!

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