Congrats Tom & Caitlyn! A Villa at Ridder Country Club Wedding

Hi friends!
It’s been sometime but I have been a very busy individual!  October and November tend to breed insanity in photographers.  This photog is not immune.  However insane I may have become, shooting these weddings and families is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!
Meet Tom and Caitlyn… I have worked with Tom since I started at Whitman Middle!  He is an awesome guy and I am so happy for him and his stunning bride, Caitlyn!  What an amazing day surrounded by so many friends and family.  After shooting some getting ready photos, the ceremony took place at Holy Ghost Parish in Whitman.  Then we headed straight to the Villa at Ridder Country Club.  The room was gorgeous and the formals went splendidly!  Guests were ready to hit the dance floor and didn’t disappoint! It was so awesome to be a part of this big day for Tom and Caitlyn.  I’m so happy for you guys and wish you the best of luck!

Tom & Caitlyn – Thanks so much for having me, it was truly awesome to be part of your day!  And thanks everyone else for stopping by!  :)

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