Congrats Kristen & Jared! A Bittersweet Farm Wedding

Welcome!  Hope you are all enjoying the fab summer!  I know I am!
Meet Kristen and Jared.  They got married a few weeks ago at Bittersweet Farm in Westport.  It was a perfect day for a wedding.  I started off with them grabbing some getting ready photos then after the first look we headed straight to Bittersweet for their ceremony and reception.  These guys had tons of awesome family and friends there to support them on this big day.  Thanks for having me photograph your wedding Kristen and Jared!  Best of luck!


Simply Stunning!!!

Let’s get hitched!

These guys were an amazing band of family and friends who came together for the purpose of serenading Kristen and Jared on their wedding day!  How fantastic is that?!

Post-wedding newly combined family shot!  <3

Troopers – all three!

Congrats again Kristen and Jared!

Thanks for looking!

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