Thomas & Kerri… An Alpine Country Club Wedding!

Welcome back on yet another gorgeous day!  Busy day too over here in HHP/Mommy land!  But a happy busy!
I’m so happy to be sharing this wedding with everyone!  What a fun day and an amazing couple!  Thomas is our cousin (for any of you who’ve seen my husband you will quickly see the resemblance!  LOL) and Kerri is his high school sweetheart!  Few turns in the road and a little patience eventually but them in a place to reconnect and create a fabulous family of four!  The whole day was heartwarming and a ton of fun!  It’s always fun working with family!  So please, sit back and enjoy this incredible day!  And big hugs to Thomas and Kerri (and Isabel and Sienna too!)!  Congrats you four!

First I started off with the “men”  LOL

Then off to visit the stunning ladies!

A little first look action…

Yay what a fabulous couple!

Just stunning Kerri!

Let’s get hitched!

Oh, then Thomas did the sweetest thing and made vows to Isabel and Sienna and it was sweet, and funny, and so perfect.

Woo!  Time to celebrate!

Well… that’s where your run of the mill wedding went bust…

Makes for an interesting first dance!

Then I stole them for a few more formals in the amazing setting sun…

(i keep hearing that song in my head about that girl on fi-ya!  gorgeous Kerri!)

Kerri’s dance with her brother also was not your run of the mill dance…

Thomas and his mom danced to a B2M fav… and Thomas made sure to sing along for his momma!

So then I go to switch batteries and what do you know… a belly dance just appears!  Suprise Thomas, love Kerri!


Thanks for looking!

Congrats you two and thanks a ton for allowing me to capture this special day for you!!!

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