Amanda and Andrew… A Providence Public Library Wedding!

Welcome back!
How’s a little wedding action to brighten this dull hump day?  Amanda and Andrew are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!  I am so happy they chose me to photograph such a special day for them!  And what a day it was!  Warm and sunny and a perfect day for a wedding!  We made a few stops after the ceremony (Holy Cross Church in Providence) for some formal shots but thankfully left with enough time to get in some shooting at the Providence Public Library!  A tiny bit disapointed they don’t allow you to shoot in the, um, books  part of the library!  But we made up for it… or least I think we did!  Big thanks to Kate Guillette who was on hand to second shoot for me and captured some fabulous shots!  I liked this couple from the start and I am so happy these came out so great!
Congrats guys!

First we started at Amanda’s grandparent’s house, whom she is very close to.

Then onto to Holy Cross!

I LOVE this shot!

After they had greeted the guests, Mom of the Bride had a little surprise in store for them…

Next onto formals!

Sweet shot Kate!

GQ or Bust!

Gorgeous Amanda!

And now for some details!
BTW Amanda has a super talented friend who MADE the paper flower details and the book center pieces!  You are amazing girl!  They are fabulous!

My fav moment of the night… out of left field… just watch.

LOL Well played Andrew… poor Amanda!


Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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