Congrats Sarah & Mal! A Private Estate Westport Wedding

Welcome back!
Meet Sarah and Mal!  They are two awesome individuals who recently tied the knot at a private residence in Westport.  We hadn’t met prior to the wedding, which can be… unnerving… but lo and behold, Sarah and Mal were AWESOME!  Marisa was my lovely assistant during this wedding and we had a great time!  These two were super sweet and had an amazing group of friends and family (from all over the country!) who were totally in love with a wedding on “some farm in Massachusetts.”  LOL  (direct groomsmen quote)  I am so glad that I was asked to shoot this wedding!  Best of luck Sarah and Mal!

Um LOVED that one of the first shots I took was of this well placed novel…

Meet Sarah  : )

hehe – just kidding – she’s really quite lovely…

Great Shot Ris!

Their dog’s name is Beta… cuz Sarah is Alpha Mom – LOVE THIS!

Meanwhile on the boys side…  meet Mal!

Let’s get married!

How Sweet?!

Let’s celebrate!

Invisible Jump Rope?  LOL  Apparently this is a real thing in the mid west!

Best of luck Sarah and Mal!
Thanks for looking!

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