Congrats Aubrey & Matt! A Fall River Country Club Wedding

Happy Friday!
I’m so happy to be bringing you Aubrey and Matt’s super fun wedding this morning!  Aubrey and Matt got married at St Francis Xavier in East Providence and celebrated at the Fall River Country Club.  I had a great time as this wedding and there were MANY laughs and tons of love for the newlyweds.  I’m so happy I had the opportunity to capture this awesome day!  Congrats Aubrey and Matt!

First up the gorgeous bride!

The two sweet lil flower girls!

“Too many ladies…”

Let’s get married!

Time for some group shots!

Ok so Matt is a Giants fan (no comment, none, zero.) and Aubrey’s fabulous brother Aaron is obv a Pats fan.  This cute lil gnome was gnome-napped and I can’t even tell you the things that went on.  But, I will show you a few.  Here’s one.  Just one.  I like to keep the blog… PG.    : P

On that note… let’s party!

Poor Carolyn. LOL

Hi Brittney!  (past HHP bride!  wooo!)

again, Poor Carolyn.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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