Congrats Heather and Mike!!!

Welcome back friends!
How about some beautiful weather?  This week has been fabulous!  I am loving it (and the soft top on the Jeep, yum)!
Speaking of fabulous… check out the love fest aka Heather and Mike’s Bermuda wedding!  My first international wedding!  How fun!  And what a 180 from their winter engagement session!  LOL  Heather made a stunning bride (serious, no surprise there) and Mike a handsome, loving new husband!  Instead of a reception they had a small dinner in an awesome restaurant, The Waterlot Inn… followed by my first ever day after session at Horseshoe Bay Beach!  This was also a sort of “trash the dress” as Heather did not fear getting her dress… soaked!  It was so heavy poor hubby had to haul it back to the hotel!  Also, big thanks to Marisa of Marisa J Photography for her help and great shots!  What an amazing vacation and we are so happy to welcome Mike and his family into our family!

Sorry, love shoes.

Marisa, a girl of a million trillion trades… hehe


First look!

Group shot!

<3  Sister’s!  <3

Me, my hubby, and my happy child.

Miss Marisa!

This is prob one of my fav shots EVER taken!  How hot are they?!

Went a lil crazy with color here… but L.O.V.E. it!

And you know my poor lil girl was going to have to do a quick shoot in her super cute outfit!  hehe  See!  She smiles, and it’s awesome!

LOL so we get back to the hotel and HOW THE HECK did we NOT see these pink chairs in the hotel lobby?!?!?!?!  Spontaneous photo shoot, apologies for the quality… drinks were on Mike.  hehe

So the next day we hit the beach for some fun shots!

And that’s all she wrote!  Best of luck to Heather and Mike!  Love you guys!

Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts on “Congrats Heather and Mike!!!

  1. Wow!!! What beautiful pictures!!!! Great job Holly – course you had a spectacular couple to photograph! Sooooo pretty Heatherlyn!!


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