Congrats Andrea & Brenden!

Hello!  Hope you are prepared!  These two beautiful people, combined with tons of hard work by themselves and friends and family made for an amazing wedding and I am so happy I was there to capture it!  Andrea and Brenden are the most charismatic and down right photogenic couple ever!  They just click!  And they clicked with me as well to make for some amazing photos!  In addition, the ladies from Glitz Glam Bridal made the females of group look outstanding, per usual!  I’ll stop with the gushing and just let you enjoy this awesome wedding!  Congrats Andrea and Brenden… and Otis!

My day started off with the boys… who were anxiously awaiting my arrival, and I must admit – these boys were fabulous!

Loving the formals we took with the boys!

Then off to meet with the ladies!

Then it was time Get Married!

What a good looking group of humans!

Not to mention these two…  ow owwww!

And now onto the par-tay!

thanks for looking!

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