Lauren & Donovan are Getting Hitched!

What a nice surprise that little thunderstorm was this afternoon!  It was also a nice surprise when we got to Providence and the light was wonderful for Lauren and Donovan’s engagement shoot!  They are getting married next month and I am totally looking forward to it!  These guys were a ton of fun and we got a lot of great shots.  I loved the outfits and the college jersey’s!  Lauren is a girl close to my heart with her field hockey jersey!  Swoon – I love that sport!  And Donovan must have been quite the heart-breaker in college wearing that jersey around campus!  LOL – enjoy!


Ok – so Lauren  clearly enjoys working out and she totally brought the gun show – and I LOVE Donovan’s face here!  Priceless!

LOL – thanks for looking and can’t wait for your wedding guys!

7 thoughts on “Lauren & Donovan are Getting Hitched!

  1. What great shots, and what a beautiful couple. Looks like you had a lot of fun with it…great indication of what is to come in your marraige. Can’t wait for the big day. Love you both!!


  2. Hey guys,
    These are some great shots. The pictures came out really well and your fun loving style and emotion really shine through. The gun show pic is hilarious!! Did you do the full setup and first ask him if he wanted som tickets? Best wishes…


  3. So, Im extra late and just seeing these (yes post wedding) and they’re sooo cute- esp love the gun show pict!!! Makes me even more exciting to see the wedding day shots!!


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