Welcome back Zachary, Madelyn, & Mason!

What a weekend!  Much needed relaxation and fabulous weather!  Cannot say enough about it!  Last week amid the dreary days of May, I caught up with Zach, Madelyn, and Mason for some photos!  Madelyn and Mason are turning one REAL soon and look how big they are!  Here, you can find photos from our first shoot back in November!  Amazing how much babies can change in just six little months!  And big brother Zach was zooming so quick around the yard I hardly got off more than a few shots!  LOL 


First up… Miss Madelyn!  I just wanted to eat her up!

Next… Mr Mason!  Check out those teeth!

And big brother… Zachary!

Here’s some of the whole gang!

and I totally love this photo even though only Zach is paying attention to me, Mason is P.O.’ed, and Madelyn just wants to chew on her tutu.  LOL – thanks again you guys are great!

thanks for looking!

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