Ballerina in the Rough…

Well well, this shoot has been some time in the making.  See, Miss Leah here is a very talented dancer.  She spends her school year in North Carolina splitting time between ballet and her studies.  Yup, cooool.  Back in January I took her head-shots and had this brain child you are going to view shortly.  It’s not everyday you can get some one as talented and care free as Leah.  Our plan was to “go with the flow” and I think creativity was flowing deep.  The results are below… enjoy!

These next few I love…

Wow, this was great… thanks for looking and thanks for dancing Leah!

5 thoughts on “Ballerina in the Rough…

  1. These photos are amazing!
    It’s wonderful when someone as beautiful as Leah is, on the inside, is just as beautiful on the outside.
    In your photos, we see the depth of her beauty and talent.
    Quite a gift! Thank you.


  2. Wonderful Job with these photo’s. Leah looks beautiful, the backdrop is great. I like the back alley wore-out city look as well very tasteful. To the positions chosen I must take responsibility for teaching Leah sice I am as flexible as she! LOL.

    Great pics, awesome setting to include a beautiful young lady who’s future is so wide open!!! Love Unc Oreo


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